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Yara-Tex Worldwide GmbH is your competent, international partner in textile recycling. We are your specialist for the following areas: textile collection, textile sorting and textile recycling. We are socially committed and ecological and have been in the market for over 25 years. Accordingly, you can benefit from our experience. As we are able to convince our customers worldwide of the quality of our products time and again, we have had a solid customer portfolio for many years, which is constantly growing.


Reliable Textile Recycling

We fight against illegal textile recycling and cooperate with communities to fight against it. We value environmentally conscious recycling. Textile recycling is both socially and ecologically sensible. For the production of a pair of jeans up to 11000 litres of water can be used! Last but not least, properly working clothing collections have created jobs not only in Germany but also in our exporting countries. If time allows, we keep a lookout for illegally deposited containers.

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