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The first few measures we take

It all started with our father Mahmoud Al Shoubaki.

Thanks to him, the name Al Shoubaki has stood for excellent quality and success in many countries for more than 25 years. In May 2000 I, Mohammad Al Shoubaki, followed in his footsteps and since then I have successfully continued our trading business. Because we have always been able to convince our customers worldwide of the quality of our products, we have had a solid customer base for many years, which is constantly growing…

We stand for…

About Yara-Tex

We mainly supply major customers in Asia and Africa, who in turn have a widespread customer network in their own countries. Our customers in Spain, Italy, Hungary and Albania also appreciate our goods. Apart from the economic aspect, the textile and shoe processing is an important service in the interest of the environment. We also contribute to the protection of our valuable resources and to the reduction of environmental pollution. Carefully sorted out clothes are divided into quality levels and marketed all over the world.


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