• Yara-Tex takes over the entire care of the clothing containers and ensures regular emptying.
  • Yara-Tex Worldwide GmbH is a BVSE (Federal Association of Secondary Raw Materials and Waste Management) certified company.
  • We will of course keep the container parking space and clothes container clean.
  • The containers are all marked accordingly with our contact information, so that every citizen has the opportunity to contact us directly if they are incorrectly inserted, etc.
  • If something should go wrong in our parking spaces, you can call us and we will send one of our employees within 2 days to solve the problem.

Do you have space for used clothing containers?

Cities and municipalities, private property owners, charitable associations and companies who want to rent their parking spaces to us can rely on our decades of experience and extensive expertise.
Our guarantee when concluding the contract
Punctual payment of the contractually agreed parking space rent to the lessor!

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Our collection containers are always of high quality and comply with the latest safety standards and have the corresponding certificates. We are not interested in vintage, outdated container design and offer our customers innovative, individual designs.


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