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About us

Everything began with our father Mahmoud Al Shoubaki.

It's due to him that the name Al Shoubaki stands for quality and success in many countries since over 25 years. In May 2000 I, Mohammad Al Shoubaki, followed his footsteps and since then I am leading our trading operations succesfully. We have a regular client base which is increasing steadily because we are able to persuade our customers time and again of the quality of our products.

Basically we supply major customers in Asia and Africa. These Customers have a widespread customer base in their own country. Our customers in Spain, Italy, Hungary and Albania are also satisfied with our products. The conditioning of textiles and shoes is a significant service in ecological interest next to the commercial view. We also help that our valuable ressources get protected and the environment becomes less polluted. Second hand clothes, which are thoroughly sorted out, are classified in different steps of quality and are marketed all over the world.